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The ministry team are trying a different format this year (2017) by reducing the number of Breakfast meetings and substituting with other activities at different times through the weeks.

Some suggestions under consideration are a formal dinner with overseas guest speaker, evening tea meetings, social events and  working bee type activities. We are looking to encourage those men for whom Saturday mornings are not convenient, especially some of the younger men with young families. We don’t want to clash with current Church group activities, rather we aim to support those ministries plus provide an alternative complementing vehicle for men to share the Kingdom both within and external to the Church.

Senior Men’s Morning tea
These morning teas are an opportunity for retired and senior men to catch-up over a cuppa. Held 3-4 times throughout the year, they comprise of hearing from a guest speaker or venturing to a museum, workshop or workplace to rediscover a world gone by or experience a little of the amazing changes of today.