Bringing love, healing and freedom to the community through Jesus Christ


Isaiah 61:1-3

Requesting Ministry

The first point of contact for all requests for ministry is the office, by personally visiting us, e-mail or by phone. Office hours are 9am-2pm Tuesday to Thursday.  Messages can be left on the answering machine after hours. All bookings must be made personally by the ministry recipient, or their parent/caregiver if under 18.

You will be provided with information, including a confidential questionnaire to be returned. You will not be placed on the waiting list until this questionnaire is received by the office. Waiting time varies with demand, and can be extended (eg. months) at times.

It is important to understand that we do not have a crisis response capability.

Ministry times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

When your ministry is scheduled you will be contacted by the office with an offer of a specific day and time. Our ability to reschedule if you do not accept your offer is severely limited, and will usually involve waiting until the following month. Please inform the office if you have limitations on your availability at the time of booking.

If you are some distance from Toowoomba, we offer ministry via Zoom or phone in most cases. In the case of phone ministry, you are responsible to call us.


There is a booking charge of $30.00 for all first-time ministry bookings.

There is no set fee for receiving ministry. We ask that you prayerfully consider your financial contribution towards the ministry you will receive.

The operation of Freedom Life does involve substantial costs, which are met entirely by contributions from past and present ministry recipients.