Bringing love, healing and freedom to the community through Jesus Christ

Rangeville Community Church has a long and rich heritage, beginning in 1912 in a small ‘farm-style’ area in what was then the outskirts of Toowoomba. It began as a church plant with the Methodist Church growing to become the Rangeville Methodist Church, recognised as its own parish. In 1977 along with other Methodist churches in the area, Rangeville became part of the Uniting Church. The church and its ministries continued to grow and flourish, reaching out and ministering to people in Toowoomba, the Darling Downs, throughout the state and nation and at times internationally. In 2004 it became the Rangeville Community Church. Since that time God has continued to bless Rangeville with the provision of land and finances allowing us to establish our ministry complex in Rangeville. In 2001 a prophetic word was given that the land would be purchased and building constructed debt free. This was fulfilled in March 2011 with the opening of our new complex. The activities and ministries operating in Rangeville Community Church, together with Christian churches from across our city enable us to invest into the lives of many people within Toowoomba and throughout the nation.

We look forward to the continuing revelation of God’s plan and purpose for Rangeville Community Church, the fulfilment of our completed ministry complex and our part as the body of Christ in releasing the Kingdom of God.