Bringing love, healing and freedom to the community through Jesus Christ


Isaiah 61:1-3

Personal Ministry

Every person has experienced trauma or wounding to some degree due to our life experience in a fallen world. This hinders our relationship with the Trinity and others and prevents us living in the fullness of what the Lord intended for us.  Through personal ministry the Lord ministers into these areas of bondage, bringing us into healing and right relationship with Him and others.

If you have not yet made a personal commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth ministry may be limited.

We minster to people of all ages from conception onwards. Ministry can be conducted in person or through remote methods such as phone, Skype, Facetime etc.

We have no childcare facilities. Experience has demonstrated that the presence of children with you in ministry is often distracting. Please make alternative arrangements for care of your children. 

What to Expect

Ministry is usually with a team of two or three people, for 1½ hours approximately. What happens in ministry is completely confidential.  Brief summary notes are made for subsequent teams should you return for more ministry in future. We operate on a Holy Spirit led model, where He leads and guides the ministry.  Normally one person leads and does most of the talking, leaving the other/s free to focus on what the Lord is saying and where He is directing.  The Lord is always gentle, and therefore so is His ministry to you.   He always respects you and so will not go into areas that you do not want Him to, nor embarrass or shame you. You will likely experience a combination of Inner Healing (of the body, soul & spirit) and Deliverance (from demonic oppression).

The specific areas covered are as the Lord directs, and can typically include:

  • Generational sin and curses, that have affected an individual or members of a family, which have then flowed down the generational line.
  • Involvement with the Occult.
  • Forgiveness of others and yourself.
  • Inner vows, often expressed as inner choices or decisions made to keep ourselves safe. 
  • Negative words, spoken by others or ourselves.
  • Bitter roots, that have arisen from repeated negative experiences or sinful responses to life’s hurts.
  • Fragmentation, where a person cannot emotionally process the fear and trauma of life and so their personality fragments or shatters as a God-given coping mechanism.
  • Lies, believed about yourself, others or God.
  • Judgements, due to our sinful reactions to hurt or from a refusal or inability to forgive those who hurt us.
  • Emotional wounding.