Bringing love, healing and freedom to the community through Jesus Christ


Isaiah 61:1-3

Spiritual Cleansing

This broad area covers cleansing of homes, land, businesses, ministries and churches.  Spiritual authority over the entity to be cleansed is essential, and the person/s carrying that authority will be actively involved in the ministry under the direction of the team leader.

Ministry can be conducted in person or through remote methods such as phone, Skype, Facetime etc.

What to Expect

Ministry is usually with a team of two or three people, for 1½ hours approximately. What happens in ministry is completely confidential.  Brief summary notes are made for subsequent teams should further ministry be required. We operate on a Holy Spirit led model, where He leads and guides the ministry.  Normally one person leads and does most of the talking, leaving the other/s free to focus on what the Lord is saying and where He is directing.  The specific areas covered are as the Lord directs, and can typically include:

  • Sins that defile and corrupt the land.
  • Curses over land, property, and the people that inhabit it.
  • Territorial spirits, placed over specific geographical areas.
  • Spiritual markers, used by the demonic to identify areas.